Welcome to the College of Education Center for the Preparation of Educational Professionals (CPEP)

The Center for the Preparation of Educational Professionals guides candidates through clinically based professional education programs.   From the very first semester in the educator preparation program, candidates begin their clinical experience in guided walkthroughs.  By the third or fourth semester of the preparation program, candidates are working directly with students in classrooms and beginning to plan and implement lessons under the direction of their clinical educator and classroom mentor. 

There are a series of professional hub courses linked directly to the clinical experiences.   Through this integration, theory and practice addressed in hub courses segue to authentic application though the planned clinical.  All candidates are required to take the professional hub courses and participate in the clinical experiences as part of their educator preparation.  

The Office of STUDENT SUCCESS provides the following services: Advising, Academic Coaching, Recruitment and Retention Programs, Planned Programs/Degree Works, and Graduation Tracking. Our goal is to recruit and support completion of high-quality candidates from a broad range of background and diverse populations who will become exemplary professionals in their areas of study. 

Candidates are advised to enroll in EDF 103, Introduction to Education, during their first semester of freshman year and in EDF 203, Schooling and Society, during their second semester. EDF 310 will be required for students who have an equivalent transfer course for EDF 203.

The Office of LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATION will process the formal "Application for Admission to Professional Education." The Professional Education Admissions Committee will review applications, supporting documentation, and other relevant materials brought before the committee and will take appropriate action concerning the student's admission to the teacher education program. The candidate will be notified of the committee's decision.

This office is responsible for the admission of students to professional education programs at Eastern. In addition, it processes certification applications for teachers and school personnel (principals, supervisors, superintendents, counselors, pupil personnel directors, business administrators, librarians, and speech pathologists). All candidates seeking initial teacher certification, regardless of the college in which they are enrolled, must meet the requirements for admission to professional education, complete an approved teaching curriculum, and pass the required PRAXIS tests as determined by the major/minor to be recommended for certification.

The Office of CLINICAL EXPERIENCES guides candidates through clinically based professional education programs.

The Eastern Kentucky University clinical model integrates content course work with critical clinical experiences providing candidates with broad professional experiences. The combination of content knowledge and clinical experiences embedded in the education program are aligned to the EKU Conceptual Framework, In TASC and CAEP accreditation standards and prepare our education candidates to be leaders in the field. EKU candidates will learn to diagnose, assess, prescribe, implement and monitor the learning of all students in their classrooms.