Background Checks

To all candidates enrolled in EDF 203 or EDF 310:

The College of Education at Eastern Kentucky University requires a candidate background check through Verified Credentials, Inc. for admission to professional education.  Candidates will complete the background check during enrollment in EDF 203 or EDF 310.

The College of Education, Office of Licensure and Certification, has partnered with Verified Credentials, Inc. to establish a consistent screening procedure for all candidates. Your fee for this service is $40.00.  Please note that this fee must be paid at the time of ordering or Verified will not run the background check.

Please follow the directions below for submitting your application to Verified Credentials, Inc. 

To access QualifiedFirst go to:

How It Works:

1.       Enter code for the program you will be attending located above the “Get Started!” button on the right side of the page

Background Check & Additional Requirements –

Teacher Education


2.       Create an account

3.       Enter all required information

4.       Track your progress

5.       Information will automatically be shared with your school

If you encounter difficulty accessing opening the link or ordering your background check, you may contact Verified Credential’s Client Services Team for assistance.  Their number is 800.938.6090 or you may email them at

Upon completion, the results of the background check will be sent to you via email by Verified Credentials and made available to the College of Education Office of Licensure and Certification.  If any information is found that would negatively affect your eligibility for enrollment in any College of Education course, you will be given an opportunity to challenge the information through the Adverse Action process associated with Verified Credentials.  If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at (800) 938-6090.

If you have previously taken a Child and Family Studies course that required a Verified Credentials background check, please contact  the Office of Licensure and Certification in Combs 425, by phone (859) 622-1832, or via email at